Thursday, September 17, 2009

religious training and Fragile X

I am a Christian. I read my bible and go to bible study weekly. Specifically, my family is Roman Catholic. I disagree with some of the teachings of the Catholic church, but that is a whole 'nother topic.

Eric and I attend Mass every week. Kids are pretty much expected to sit quietly through Mass, and for the most part, they do. Our kids would never be able to sit quietly for 45 minutes, so they stay with my parents every week.

Our school district sends their students to CCD (religion class) during the school day. That works okay for this town, as about 99 percent of the town is Catholic. Kindergarteners go on Sunday mornings. So far, my boys have had no formal religious training.

I have spoken with the Director of Religious Education for our church, and she has said that we can have private tutoring for the boys if we'd like. I received two workbooks from her on the kindergarten level and said I'd attempt to go through it with them.

I am just wondering how much they really understand about God and where my responsibility lies. For instance, I would like to make the boys understand my beliefs and why I believe them. But I also think that is unrealistic. I don't think they can grasp the concepts of salvation, sin and repentance.

We pray before eating every day and I place my hands on their heads and ask for His blessing as they go about their day sometimes. I try to show Christian love to them, but beyond that, I am not sure what else to do.

Anyone have any suggestions for me? If you have a child with special needs, how do you address this issue?


Ann said...

Check out this article from USA Today about Catholic Parishes starting religion programs for autistic children. There are some good ideas. It is a recent article so there may be ways to get in touch with/a hold of the curriculums they use. I have the phone numbers and email addresses for the offices of youth ministry and education for the archdiocese which may be able to help. Also there is a great library of resourches across the street from Holy Angels in Sidney at the office of youth ministry. Oh, and as far as mass goes, I know St. Michael doesn't have a cry room but they do have them in many other local parishes. They are usually sound proof and have windows with speakers. That may be a way to introduce Drew at least and eventually Blake, to the Mass without requiring him to be silent and still the entire time. I am confident that he is capable of handling that environment! :o)~Ann

Kristiem10 said...

Thanks for all that info!

Jodie said...

No ideas from me! But, I do have to say - I strongly believe the boys Know God more than you or I could grasp ourselves! And I also believe You setting the examples you set do the best thing ever!

Kristiem10 said...

Thanks, Jodie

fragilemom said...

Such a good question. My biggest fear when we got our diagnosis was that my children would never understand the love of Christ, then how would they ever understand the whole salvation thing, etc.

Okay, I had a whole thing typed up here, then I decided to make my reply into a blog entry. So look for it in the next day or so. It's almost 2am now, and I think I'm finally getting tired.