Friday, September 4, 2009

Seriously, did that just happen?

I went to wipe Drew's butt. Be warned, this story gets grosser. Much, much grosser.

On the way back to the kitchen, Blake was holding a bundled up blanket. He was saying, "Shush, shush. It's okay." rather sweetly. Aww,I thought, He's pretending he's got a baby in his blanket! So I went up to him and his "baby", and said, "Can I see your baby?" "Sure!" says he. But it wasn't a baby. Oh no. It was a poop turd. He was carrying around his poop, all bundled up like a baby. And was cooing at it! Oh my gosh. The room started spinning. I took his "baby" and flushed it down the toilet. I immediately gave him a bath, and threw the blanket in the washer. Then I went into the toyroom where he must have produced his "baby". I ended up shampooing the carpet, too.

I am still in awe of him. I am pinching myself and wondering if I entered into some twilight zone where bizarro things happen. But no, it's just our life. :)


the other lion said...

You know that will happen some day in my house, right? Oh my. Ew ew ew!

Bekki said...

How crappy!

Jana Nickle said...

Oh boy.... Well thats one I havent been through...yet.!!!! Gotta love em'.

fragilemom said...

OMG! Please don't let me go through that!