Friday, September 4, 2009

Explaining Blake

I think I'm losing it. I just glanced at the television, and there was a man model on the television with a lycra turtleneck pulled up over his face. I read the headline as "Hini season". Wha? Oh, duh, Kristie H1N1 season. I am telling you, this week has fried my brain. I am glad it's Friday.

I spoke with Blake's class yesterday about his differences. I read the book My Friend Isabelle to them and talked to them about how his brain works differently than theirs. I told them that sometimes he does different things, and that is okay. I talked about how some kids need glasses to see, and some people need a wheelchair or leg braces to help them get around. I said that he needs Mrs. T to help him learn. One little girl told me that she went to preschool with Blake. I asked (knowing the answer was yes) if she was his friend. I told her I was glad Blake has a friend in Kindergarten and that he needed lots of friends. I asked who else wanted to be Blake's friend and they all raised their hands. It was very cute.

We talked about the things they like to do and I told them that Blake likes to do those things too. Except for play with Barbies, like one little girl told me. :)

We gave the teacher a letter to send home to all the parents about Blake and Fragile X telling them that I had spoken to the class about him. We directed them to the National Fragile X Foundation's website for more info, and of course gave our phone number for them to call if they had any questions.

I have to go back today to speak with the other kindergarten class he's in (he is in the Tuesday-Thursday class and the Wednesday-Friday class as well. And on Tuesday of next week, I am speaking to the other kindergarten teacher's class. They are with Blake during "specials" like music and art, I think. As well and lunch and recess. After Tuesday, every member of his grade will have gotten the talk, and will understand Blake a little better.


Stephanie said...

That's great!! You sound like you are great with all the kids and explaining Blake to where they understand.
Now, does the school ask you to do the talk or do you ask the school if you can have "the" talk ;) Either way, I think it's WONDERFUL!!

Kristiem10 said...

I volunteered to do the talk with the kids. And while the regular ed. teacher does the best she can, we feel we know how to best answer the kids' questions about Blake. We had to ask permission to do it, and also had the letter we wrote reviewed by the principal.

Anonymous said...

Good job way to go!

the other lion said...

Good for you! I loved talking to my aunt's school about it. One of the kids asked if Punkin had all of his teeth! lol