Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Slacker!

I haven't posted on my blog in five days! That's a lot for me. We've had a busy week.

Tuesday was Blake's IEP. We finished, but didn't sign it to put it into effect. We had a couple questions to ask the director of special education. She received a copy of it and said that the goals were improperly written. So, filed an extension and will reconvene at a later date to make sure it is correct. The director of special education will be attending this meeting. Yay!

Wednesday evening, we took the boys to the mall to pick up a new booster carseat for Blake. The state of Ohio changed their law to read as follows:
Every child* under 8 years old must ride in a booster seat
or other appropriate child safety seat unless the child is
4’9” or taller. We picked a booster seat up for the school's use as well.

Thursday night, we went to Huber Heights looking for Halloween costumes. Blake got a chance to use his new "cool, big boy seat".

We went to Party City, Halloween USA, Target and Meijer. We found a costume for Blake, but they didn't have the right size for the one we wanted for Drew. We were at Meijer. Eric went to the Customer Service desk to see if they could call another store. Drew occupied himself by playing with the straps of the line guide.

I kept Blake busy by popping pennies into the electronic pony ride. Until he did this:And that concluded his time in the saddle.

Today, we took the kids to the movie theater. They had a Toy Story and Toy Story 2 double-header. And it was in 3-D. It was Blake's first time to the movies. He did pretty well, except when he grabbed the seat of the lady in front of us. The seats rocked, so he made her rock a few times. Drew switched seats several times, but did great for the most part. After the movie, we asked Drew if he liked the movie, and he said, "No". Blake said he did. Neither boy wore their 3-D glasses, even though we paid $2.50 per pair!

When we got home, Blake decided it was safe to put them on. So he posed with Daddy for this one:Think he loves his Daddy?


the other lion said...

That's so cute!

♪Juste Moi♥ said...

5 days is a lot for you!! I never usually sign right away just because I want a day or two to mull it over.

NM has about the same rules but they aren't age restricted so my 13 yr old cousin had to have a booster seat!!!

I love how Blake unplugged the