Friday, October 23, 2009

One little X-man

had some difficulty with his two hour school delay today. It was a scheduled late start. Since Drew goes to a different school, he didn't have a delay. Blake didn't like it that Mrs. H. was going to pick up Drew but not him. He kept wanting me to hold him. I repeated that he was going to go to school with Mommy today about a hundred times. Ok, so maybe not that many. Well, yes, that many.

Last night I went to a grand opening for a new salon in our area. Eric read about it in the newspaper and suggested I go. I was glad he did, because they gave free chair massages. I put my name on that list right away. I signed up for a couple drawings and had a glass of wine. They had appetizers sitting around as well. My massage was wonderful. It was about ten minutes long.

Tonight, I'm going to an Eric Church concert. I am getting excited! It's at a place called Screamin' Willies in Columbus. It'll be my second Eric Church concert.


fragilemom said...

Wonder if we have a salon opening around here that offers that! Enjoy the concert.

Mark said...

what is an Eric Church?