Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Drew has been uncooperative for the past two days at school. He basically refused to do any work. I don't think he's getting sick, which is something I look out for when his behavior slides. Today, I reminded him several times to do his work, and be good. When Mrs. H got here, I said, "Time to go to school! Yay!" like it was the best thing in the world. Drew got in the car nicely, and said, "We got school today, Mrs. H!" I said, "What color card are you going to get today, Drew?" Mrs. H. answered for him. "Green card! We're going to have a good day!" Hopefully all the cheerleading pays off and he actually cooperates for her.

We have Blake's IEP #2 today. The last one we had two weeks ago was not done properly, and we had to revise all of his goals. Hopefully, the meeting will go smoothly. The director of special ed. will be there this time. That should keep things in compliance.

Have a great day!


fragilemom said...

Glad you enjoyed the last entry. I've been wanting to post it for a while, but time kept holding me back.

I know how it is just wondering what kind of day it'll be for the kiddos. I asked Ian this morning if he's going to have a good day. His response? "No". Hopefully he just didn't understand the question. :)