Monday, October 19, 2009


Remember last weekend? I told you that we took the boys to see Toy Story in 3D? Well, I forgot a funny that I have been repeating to all the people in my real life. At the beginning of the movie, neither of the boys would wear their 3D glasses. Do you know how the edges of things in a 3D movie look a little blurry when you aren't wearing the special glasses? Well, Drew did. Except he took off his real glasses and said, "Mommy, my glasses are really dirty. Can you clean them?" After I cleaned them for him and gave them back to him he took them off again, and looked at them. He was trying to figure out the problem. It was pretty cute.

So! Speaking of Toy Story. Since they re-released Toy Story, The Disney Store has all kinds of Toy Story toys out! They have Slinky Dog, RC, Buzz and Woody (of course!), Hamm, Etch, Rex, and even the alien toys that were in the Claw game. Cha-ching! I will definitely be hitting up the Disney Store on Black Friday.


fragilemom said...

We haven't even tried having Ian wear the glasses. I can't get him to put anything on his face or head (well, sometimes a ball cap). Glad the boys did well.