Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blake's Christmas Program

Blake's school Christmas concert was last night. I was pleased with how it worked out. The only complaint I have is that you'd think the kindergarten would have gone first, right? I guess that was the original plan. The kids were expected to sit and watch the others perform. They started with sixth grade and worked their way down the grades to kindergarten. Who does that?

Anyway, Mrs. T met us at the doors and took Blake with her. We got there like, twenty five minutes before the show was to start, and it was packed. Packed. We got a seat quite close to where Blake sat. That was good for us, so we got to see him, but bad as well because he kept trying to get our attention. He sat patiently until about the third or fourth group of performers. He started to get restless and began whacking Mrs. T, and kept looking over at us for a reaction. Eric and I mumbled to each other not to look, though it was hard. I did shake my head at him a couple times. He just smiled.

When he got there, he went up to a couple kids and threw his arms around them. They seemed a little chagrined, but put up with it. Mrs. T took him out for a little while. When it was time to sing, and they filed onto the risers, Blake gave one boy five, and it started a trend. He probably gave fifteen kids five as they went to their spot. It didn't disrupt anything, and the other kids seemed ok with it. Though I have it on good authority that one of his classmates--Ty, thinks Blake gives hard fives. And indeed he does.

And as far as the singing went, well, he didn't. And he didn't do the motions, either. But he was able to stand still (mostly) and be with his class. And that is good enough for me.
After they sang, the whole group, from grade 6 down through kindergarten stood up to sing a song. But Blake was finished. We were about ten feet away from him, and he turned around, said, "Bye" to his friends and ran up to the bleachers with us. I didn't mind, though.