Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Desperation breeds invention

Ok, so here's the problem: Blake has gone through two winter coats already. He chews on the zipper until some of the teeth fall off. Then he pulls the zipper too high and it comes right off the top. We debated about what to do about it. The last coat he had, he ruined the first day he wore it. This is what the last looked like:

We debated about having the zipper replaced with a steel zipper, but were afraid he might break a tooth on it. So, I came up with a solution. First of all, yesterday the Blake pulled his zipper up on the playground and the zipper pull was lost forever. He came home with his coat safety pinned closed.

The boys and I made a trip to JcPenney (that is a fun post all it's own!) and got a new coat for him.
It does have a nylon zipper, but it also has backup velcro for when the zipper no longer works.

Then, I took this sweet baby teething toy and cut one of his arms off. I know. I am so mean!
And sewed it onto Blake's coat:And so far, it works. Though he's already chewed it up thoroughly. At least the teething bear has three other appendages for me to amputate and transplant. And it's cheaper than buying a new coat!


the other lion said...

Brilliant! I am sharing that with everyone I know!

Paula Fasciano said...

You're soooo smart! What a great invention!!!

Holly's Mom said...

Thats so awesome!