Thursday, January 14, 2010

Of course it was Blake.

So, my mom and dad came over to play cards with us tonight. They brought along a bowl of change because we were going to play "Pay Me". The bowl contained mostly dimes, but also had some quarters and nickels as well. We were in the living room looking at their new digital camera, and no one noticed Blake take off with the bowl of coins. He went in the kitchen with them and was playing with them. I came into the kitchen and saw what he was doing. I have seen him put coins in his mouth before, so I took them away from him. He must have dropped a couple on the floor earlier, because when I peeked in at him later, he was making a funny face and there was a quarter on the table. I asked him if he swallowed money and he said, "Yes, Mom." Of course, we grilled him. "Did you really?" and "Did you swallow a dime?" etc. He was consistant in saying yes, he did swallow money. We debated about whether we'd have to take him to the ER, so I gave them a call. The nurse I talked to said that if he was breathing ok, we'd have to just check his poop for the coin. If we don't find it in three days, we should call the doctor. Fun, fun, fun!


Umma said...

Well that ended my pity party PDQ! We may have conjunctivitis but I don't have to dig through poo...will the school do it if he goes at school?

Kristiem10 said...

Actually, his aide volunteered to collect it and put it in a Cool Whip bowl for me. She deserves a bonus!