Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Randomness (list style)

1. I got a call at 6 am yesterday morning that my dad was going to the hospital by ambulance for chest pains. Eric answered the phone and talked to mom while I jumped up and got dressed. I followed behind about a couple miles. Dad has had a stomach bug since Thursday. As it turned out, he was quite dehydrated and his potassium and sodium levels were very low. And his heart didn't like it. They gave him an IV and put him in the ICU, which was freaky, but mainly they did it because of his heart history. (he had a quadruple bypass about five years ago) He stayed overnight and got out this afternoon.

2. Today is my nephew Kyle's birthday! I can't believe it, but he is thirteen years old today! We're going over there tonight for a party. My mom and dad are staying home to rest. Also, Dad doesn't want to pass along any stomach bug germs to my sister.

Which brings me to #3

3. Kelly is having surgery on Wednesday. Not to get all "TMI", but she has had issues since giving birth to Danielle nine years ago, and is having that fixed. She'll be off work for six weeks.

4. The temperature has warmed up a bit here, but that has made it really foggy.

5. Eric took his mom to Jungle Jim's, and international grocery yesterday. He bought some Sharon Fruit, aka-persimmons. They look like tomatoes on the outside, but the inside is sweet. They call it "nature's candy" I am not fond of the flavor, though Eric and Blake really like it.

6. I have the day off work tomorrow for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. I am getting my hair colored. Yay! It needs it!