Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Things that make me smile

I asked for one of these babies for Christmas but didn't end up getting one. So I bought one for myself today. I love the pink!
Sunday was my nephew Kyle's birthday. We got him additional tracks for the train set we got him for Christmas. He was thrilled. And Blake loved it, too. He was so thrillied that he had to flap his hands while laying down. Of course there was the stiffening up and pointing the toes as well. lol.

I am also smiling about the fact that Drew asked me for cookies tonight. That's not unusual, but Eric and Blake went to get haircuts and Drew and I are home. I made him some Market Day cookies. When I gave them to him, he said, "Yum!" And a couple minutes later he called out a "Thank you, Mommy!"


the other lion said...

I love the wallet/clutch! I want one, too! I have something similar, but I like how yours is set up inside.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprise that your walllet isn't green that your favorite color.

Umma said...

First, that clutch....I went with red. LOVE IT!

Second, I think Monkey has two trains that would fit that track. Motorized wooden Thomas engines? I'm not sure which characters but I'll send them you for Kyle if you'd like.

They don't fit our tracks and it's such a hassle to return them (gift, no receipt, giver hours away...) E-mail me your address if you're interested and I'll pop them in the mail.