Monday, February 8, 2010

The waiting game

We got a call yesterday from Blake's school that we're on a two hour delay. That meant that Drew, who is officially a student of our district, is also on a two hour delay. Even if Drew's school didn't have a delay.

Well, I just got a call that Drew's school is closed today. Blake's is still on a two hour delay. That means I have to go to work and have no plans for Drew for the day. So I am holding my breath that FL school cancels as well. I will be surprised if they actually do, though. We are supposed to be getting another winter storm tomorrow which will likely cause a closing later in the week. We'll see, though.

*UPDATE* Blake's school cancelled as well. So we're all home today. Woohoo!


fragilemom said...

OMG! Those yummies on the previous entry look amazing! We don't have snow, but we have rain. Just as good to make something that look that good!

Glad you got your dilemma worked out! Sounds like so many are getting pounded with snow, with little relief in sight.

Chris said...
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Chris said...

Time to make a Snowman in the Front Yard !!! And call the snowman "You're Crazy!!!