Thursday, February 11, 2010

weird week

Today was my first day back to work this week. Drew's school was cancelled and Blake had a two-hour delay. My dad babysat for Drew for me while I worked.

Eric called me this morning to ask me if Blake's class was having a Valentine's Day party today. I wasn't sure. I didn't get any papers sent home about it, so I called the school to talk with Blake's aide. She wasn't sure, either. We went ahead and wrote out the valentines before school. Good thing we did, because he did have a party today. He's in a Tuesday/Thursday class and a Wednesday/Friday class as well, so after school I stopped at Dollar General and the grocery to see if I could find more Valentine cards. DG was out, but the grocery had some Jolly Rancher suckers with a V-Day theme and a To: and From: space on them. I bought the last two bags. I called Eric at work and asked him to stop on his way home and see if they had any regular Valentine cards, though. He brought some more home. So, between Drew and Blake, we used about four different kinds of Valentines. We used up the leftovers from previous years. Plus they each have a sucker stuck in the middle of them. Drew was NOT happy to be filling out Valentines and he told me repeatedly that he is NOT going to school tomorrow. I was ready to book a tropical getaway for myself around four this afternoon!

Anyway, things settled down. I made supper, Eric came home, we finished the last of the cards, the kids had baths and Eric went to his mom and dad's house. Today is their 49th wedding anniversary!

All is quiet in the house and I am starting to unwind. We are already on a two hour delay for tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope Blake had fun at is valentines pary.