Monday, March 29, 2010


So I have more dental drama. I have been in pain ever since I got my temporary crown put on, but it's even worse since the permanent was put on two weeks ago. It is constant pain. I am starting to wonder if it is worse than childbirth. At least the pain of childbirth was over in a few (or seventeen) hours. I went back and the dentist lowered my bite. They now don't even touch when I bite down. He told me to give it a few more days and call him if I was still having problems. I called his office this morning. I explained what was going on and the receptionist said she'd talk to the dentist and she'd call me back. Later when I talked to her, she said there was nothing he could do at this point and he was referring me back to the endodontist. He prescribed some Vicodin and penicillin in the meantime. The meantime happens to be ten days. That's when the endo could get me in. The receptionist there was nice and said she'd see if she could rearrange her schedule at all and may be calling me back tomorrow with a sooner appointment.

On a different note, we were eating leftovers for supper tonight. Eric and I were having shredded beef sandwiches and the boys had chicken nuggets. Drew really likes to eat a plain bun whenever Eric and I are eating a sandwich so he can be like us. Blake doesn't usually do this, but tonight he wanted a bun also. When I went to get it for him, he asked for some of "that", which was the shredded beef. Skeptically, I made him a sandwich. He ate it up, saying, "Mmm, mmmm" after every bite. So that was kind of cool.


the other lion said...

That is kind of ridiculous. I am so sorry you are in pain! Makes me wonder if he did something wrong.

Mark said...

Sorry about tooth. Sounds like Blake is going to be the Gordon Ramsey of the household. He like to help in the kitchen and always gives his opinion on the dishes severed.

Aurea Robillard said...

So what exactly did happen to your tooth? Most dentists will always recommend pain relievers after procedures as anesthesia will eventually come off after several hours. As for your endodontic appointment, you were handled pretty well there since endodontists specialize in root canals.