Friday, March 26, 2010

Things that make me smile

1. Blake sitting in a box. I know, I've seen it a hundred million times but I still think it's cute when he fits himself into a box or laundry basket or whatnot.

2. Yesterday when Drew got home from school, he asked, "Did you miss me today?" I thought it was so sweet! I said, "Yes! Did you miss me?" He said, "" lol.

3. My John Macarthur Study Bible. I love it! It has a full commentary and is so informative. I have been greatly blessed by John Macarthur in recent months.

4. The fact that Drew was partially right last night when he was hoping to stay home from school. They are on a two-hour delay this morning.

5. How Eric likes to tease me about being older than him. My birthday is coming up, and he's been asking me if I feel older. You know, because 34 is so old.

6. That Blake has eaten school lunch every day this week. And he will today, too. Fish sandwiches are on the menu, but since I am a lunch lady and have the inside scoop, I know that we are actually having cheese pizza. Hey! Menus are subject to change. It says so right on the calendar.

7. That even though there is snow on the ground, I know it won't last long and warmer weather is around the corner. Oh, and the fact that I typed "snot" on the ground accidentally instead of snow. Snot on the ground makes me want to gag.

Have a wonderful day!


the other lion said...

Kids in boxes = awesome sauce.

fragilemom said...

Great reasons to smile! Keep it up. 34 is absolutely NOT old....especially coming from a new (today) 41 year old! :)