Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Not the best way to start the day

Blake got up and wanted to watch Wallace and Gromit. I told him he could and I put it in the DVD player that Eric "fixed". While I appreciate his efforts, the dang thing still does not work. Blake sweetly kept asking, "You fix it, Mommy? Aww, thanks!" but I couldn't get it to play. I went on to get Blake's morning medicine. Well, this is a drawn out ordeal where Blake has to get a medicine cup and syringe and fill it with plain orange juice while I get his real medicine ready. Well, we could only find one syringe this morning. And he wasn't giving it up. Finally, I forced him to give it to me so I could put his medicine in it. I opened the Focalin capsule and out spilled a hundred little pellets from it. All over the counter. I did my best to pick them up and got them into the syringe with the rest of his medicine, all the while, Blake was mad about having his syringe taken and begging for me to fix Wallace and Gromit. Arrrgh! So, I gave him his medicine and he started gagging. Oh joy. I was afraid he would throw it up, but he did not, thankfully.

Now I just have to get lunches ready, iron a shirt for Eric, get the boys dressed and ready to go. Since I only have a half hour to get that done I better go.

Oh! And I have a lady from the county board of DD coming over here at 2:00, which happens to be the same time I get off work. Good thing I live close to the school!


Umma said...

Yowza, that sounds like a perfect recipe for an unhappy morning! I hope it gets better!