Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I should be sleeping...

...and other midnight randomness

I went to bed at 10:30. But I couldn't get comfortable. Lately I haven't been able to go to sleep unless I have a shower right before bed. I swear I am turning into my mom. (hi mom! Love you!)

Anyway, I took my shower and got into bed. However, while I was in the shower, Eric went to bed and immediately began snoring. Like a bear. He's not usually so loud, but he must be really tired tonight. Poor guy had to work late.

So, I lay there think about stuff. All kinds of stuff. Like whether Blake will be packing or eating lunch at school tomorrow. About how I have been on a run of watching MTV's 16 and Pregnant. And I feel really bad for those girls! Of course, they did get themselves into it, but they are usually so stressed. Which made me think of my tooth grinding. They say it often happens because of stress. But I'm not stressed. Right? Right?! lol. Anyway, I had my root canal two days ago, and I am still having pain in tooth #18. (That's the bottom molar all the way back for you non-dentist types) It's way better than it was, but I know as soon as I fall asleep that I'll start grinding my teeth and make the pain worse. So I start thinking about my generic "boil and bite" mouth guard. It doesn't stop my grinding, and the pressure still hurts my root canal tooth. So I started trying to think what I could do to help the problem. Besides stuffing a sock in my mouth or something. So, with the help of a scissors, some boiling water and a lighter, I may have come up with a solution. At least temorarily. And if I ever get to go to sleep tonight, I'll try it out:

I took the boys for a walk to the library tonight. We were a parade of chaos. About halfway there, Blake laid down on the sidewalk and announced that he was tired. And proceeded to pretend snore to emphasize his point. Drew took the opportunity to remove his left shoe and tell me his foot hurt. I left Blake laying on the sidewalk to help Drew put his shoe back on. Of course, Blake saw what we were doing and thought he'd get in on the shoe removal, too. And of course EVERYONE was out and about tonight. In their yards, on their porches, taking walks, etc. I had to admit, I knew it was funny to them. It was so ridiculous, it was comical to me. A super-skinny mom from down the street came jogging past with her jogging stroller with two kids in tow. We finally made it to the library and you know we saw that mom. Probably like fifteen minutes later. I told her that we don't move as fast as her, and we even stopped for a sidewalk nap. She didn't really know what to make of that. Anyway, we trucked it on home without too much incident. There were several complaints and requests for what shows on television they wanted to watch when we got home. But we made it.

My melatonin is kicking in, thank God. I might just be able to sleep.

Oh, and it's officially my sister's birthday. Happy Birthday Kelly!


the other lion said...

I'm really hung up on your tooth pain. Eeek. I hope you feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, you sound like me. If I don't take a bath right away I have to get up and do it. What made you decide to cut your guard? Did it help? Mom