Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturday Morning Randomness

Drew had a seizure this morning. It only lasted a few (like five or seven) minutes. Funny that five or seven minutes seems like a small one to us. When he first started having them four years ago, they lasted an hour. Poor guy. When it's over he says, "I'm better now, Mommy!"

Mom and Dad dropped of some rhubarb the other day. I cut it up and made a pie that night. I filled it and carried it to the oven. It was a tricky job, so I decided this morning to put the pie crust on the oven rack and fill the pie on the rack. That was a bad move. It spilled over and got on the oven door. It started smoking and now instead of the yummy smell of pie baking it stinks in the house. I tried to wipe it off and of course it wouldn't all come off. So now I also have a mess to clean up later. Me and my big ideas!

Blake's watching Zoboomafoo and running to the door every few minutes to check if Grandpa (aka-The Donut Man) came. See the original story on the Donut Man HERE

Have a great day!


Lisa said...

I went back and read the donut story and it sounds like that tradition is a big hit.