Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Chaos Reigns

Eric has the day off and I had to go into work for three hours to do some final cleaning and attend a year-end banquet dealio.

We were supposed to have some drywall guys come to fix a few problems today. When I got home from work at 1:15, they hadn't been here yet. The boys were wanting to take their clothes off (as they always want to do!) and Eric was wanting to go to the cable company office to exchange one of our cable boxes. But he also wanted to talk to the drywall guy when he got here. Of course, I offered to exchange the cable box, but he had to talk to them about which cords to use for our new tv. Whatever.

The drywall guy showed up and got to work right away. Blake kept getting under foot, so I took him for a walk. As soon as I got back, Drew started asking if he could take off his clothes. Blake started crying pitifully and wouldn't say why, but asked for me to "rock you". So I did for awhile, but he wanted to be wrapped up in a fleece blanket! Whew. That is hot, so I only lasted a couple minutes. I got stern and told him that he needed to stop crying or I'd make him take a nap. He's now playing on the back porch. The drywall guy is almost finished for today. Joy of joys, but he's coming back tomorrow to texture the places he fixed. Not that we like textured walls, mind you, but they are already textured, so it's easiest to do it that way.

Drew's having the whole transition to summer issues. He had a seizure on Saturday night onto Sunday and he keeps asking "Where I go?" "Tomorrow is Saturday, right?" He's all confused that it's summer and that means no school.


fragilemom said...

Oh my, chaos definitely. Our poor little guys, trying to figure out new schedules! Lucky for us, Benjamin hasn't been going long enough to miss it. And Ian gets to do Extended Year, so he gets another few weeks before it ends for him.