Tuesday, July 27, 2010

School visits

Today I took the boys to school. I wanted to get Drew acquainted with the place, since he never attended there before. He's had difficulty with stairs as well, and I want to give him plenty of time to practice. He mastered the ability to go up and down the stairs at my mom and dad's house while we were at the conference, and I wanted to keep the momentum going.

Unfortunately, we didn't make it past the door. I gave the boys some advance notice that we were going to visit the school. They both seemed pretty okay with it. We got in the van and drove there. When I parked, Blake started yelling, "No school!" and smacked Drew once. Surprisingly, Drew ran for the doors of the school.
This is when Blake kicked my shins repeatedly. We got to the first set of doors and Drew opened and closed them several times.
I got them in the foyer and Drew went back out. Blake sat on the floor kicking the rug into a pile.

I talked to Julie, the secretary(also my cousin), and she said we could feel free to walk around. Nice offer, but we didn't get beyond the front office. At one point, Blake bit my arm hard! I ignored it because I wanted to keep things as positive as possible. But dang, look at it:
Ok, so after we'd reached our limit, I told Julie that we'd be back again, just not today. I told them they did a good job and we were going to McDonald's. They were quite pleased with that arrangement. I told them next time we go, if they go up the stairs, we'd go to McDonald's again. Tomorrow they have camp, but we're going back on Thursday, and possibly every day if need be.

Anyway, despite getting kicked and bitten, I think it went ok. Hoping for a little more success next time.


Anonymous said...

sounds about how i think matty will do. i hate the biting thing...its then that u know they are just done! Can't wait to hear how thursday goes :)

Jen said...

I hope next time is much better. I had to chuckle a little when you wrote that "despite....I think it went ok." LOL What a trooper!

the other lion said...

Sigh. I love that when they're mad about something, they hit the nearest target. Punkin does this ALL THE TIME to my mom. Poor Oma.

Good luck. I keep hearing, "No Ninernarnen!" (No kindergarten)