Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Great Campout of 2010

Yesterday Eric went to his parents' house and borrowed his dad's tent. He came back here with his dad to put it up. Blake was so excited! He kept running around and said, "Bouncing?" thinking it was a bounce house, I guess.

Both boys watched the progress. Drew watched from inside the house until it was done, then he went out to see it. Blake ran back and forth between the the tent and the house the whole time. Drew told me in the afternoon that he was going to sleep in the tent with Daddy, and Mommy had to stay in the house. I told him we'd see about that. In the evening, we went to a party at my borther in law, Tony's parents' house. It was a big cookout/campout. We stayed until 8:30 or so, and went home to our own campout.

When we got there, Drew got a little apprehensive about it and started talking about how he was not going in the tent. Here he is reasoning with me while he was watching television prior to going outside:
I went out to the tent with Blake since he was so eager to go.
That lasted a minute and when Drew still hadn't come out, he wanted to go back in to get him. Drew insisted that he be carried by Daddy out to the tent.

After some switching around, I ended up sleeping with Blake on one air mattress and Eric and Drew slept on the other. Both boys fell asleep within ten minutes or so. Blake woke up at 7 this morning and said he had to go to the bathroom. We went in the house and I fixed him some breakfast. About forty minutes later Eric and Drew came in. I think we may camp out in the yard next weekend too. The kids really loved it.


Lisa said...

Why do kids love sleeping outside so much? The simplest things can make them happy. Once in a while anyway :-)