Friday, September 17, 2010

Easy to please

Blake is always wanting to play in a tent. We have a Toy Story bed tent that is a pain to put together. And a small dome tent that is less of a pain to put together, but has a broken part. And it's bigger than the doorways that he tries to pull it through.

This is community garage sale weekend in Fort Loramie, and after work, I stopped at one on the way home. I found this pop up tent thingy that is supposed to attach to the end of a tunnel. There was no tunnel for sale, but I knew Blake would love it. It pops up in a second and also folds down flat. I got it for two bucks. I set it up in the living room before he came home from school. When they got home, I talked with Blake's aide for a couple minutes while the boys went in the house. I finished talking with her, and went inside. Blake had discovered the tent and this is what he did with it:


Bonnie said...

We used to have one of those too, all our kids sat in it!

Jessica said...

That is such a great idea. I'm glad he likes it.

Holly's Mom said...

LOVE IT! So cute :-)

the other lion said...

Once again, our boys share a brain!