Monday, September 20, 2010

I may be insano

Seriously, I do try to be patient. Some things just drive me crazy! I have an eye exam at 5:30. My mom is going to watch the kids from 5:00 until Eric gets home, probably around 5:45. The kids love going to Grandma's house. She is taking them to McDonalds. Even better, right? Well, one would think.

About 4:25, I told Drew to put his clothes on. They were just on a pile next to him. Of course, I should have thought about the fact that as soon as he was dressed, he'd want to leave. It takes about thirty seconds to get to my mom and dad's house, so obviously we weren't leaving yet. My mom wasn't even home from work yet. No one was there!

I wasn't ready yet, so I told him it would be a few minutes. I went in the bathroom to fix my hair. In the meantime, he went out to the van. Blake quickly got dressed and followed him out. I went after them and told them to come back inside and watch tv while I finished. Blake came in and took all his clothes off. Drew came to the door of the house and opened and closed it repeatedly in protest. He kept saying, "No Grandma's! No McDonalds!" even though I know he wants to go there.

I got him back in the house and he is pouting on the couch, though he's pretty calm. Blake is ticked off and undressed in his room. So, I am sure I will have to have a clothing wrestling match in a few minutes.

Why do I do this to myself?! I shouldn't have made him get his clothes on until 4:55. Maybe I'll learn someday!


Courage said...

Don't sweat it, I've done that before, and then had two toddlers yelling at me that it's time to go. You just want it all done before you go.. lol

fragilemom said...

We don't really struggle with this type of thing. We hear over and over 'when are we gonna leave' and stuff like that, but nothing too bad. But we just went to a fx seminar this weekend and lo and behold, one thing they mentioned was this very thing of not telling them the plans too far in advance. (Although that differs with some). Glad you finally got out the door, clothed!