Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wonder how that will go

This afternoon, Eric was going to run to the grocery to get prescriptions. I asked him if he'd mind bringing Blake with him. He also had to stop at his mom and dad's house to put the tent we borrowed back in their attic. Blake asked if they could go fishing, so Eric said yes and said they would see if Grandpa M. wanted to go with them. They left and about ten minutes later, Eric called me back. He said, "Did Drew want to go fishing?" I asked Drew. He said, "Yes. Blakey stay home with you?" I explained that Blake was going fishing too, but Grandpa M. would probably be going with them. He said he wanted to go. So, Eric said he'd turn around and come back for him.

I got Drew dressed and ready. I put some jeans on him, which didn't make him happy. He wanted shorts, but it's a little cool out. Eric came home and Drew went right out. He was happy. But Blake opened the container of wax worms in the car and dropped them on the floor. So, Eric had to get out the whisk broom to clean them up. Drew was upset because he couldn't get in the car right away. I heard Eric tell him that if he was going to act like that, that he could just stay home with Mom. Which didn't help matters. He finally got it all cleaned up and let Drew get in the car.

Eric came in looking for Drew's drumsticks, something he loves to play with and must take with him when he goes places. He found them and headed back out. I started to pick up the toyroom, and I heard Eric come back in again. "Need a hat for Drew?" Which was correct. Blake had to wear his "sunglasses" to be just like Daddy. His sunglasses are actually clear safety glasses, but whatever. Then Daddy had to have a hat to be just like Blakey. So, when Drew joined them, he needed a hat too, of course. And the extra sunglasses that Eric has in the car.

Should be an interesting excursion for them. I'm off to take a relaxing nap. :)


Anonymous said...

Grocery was ok, thanks to Ashley. Grandpa M. wasn't feeling good, so we went fishing by ourselves. Caught one fish, but the boys had fun for about an hour.

Lisa said...

It's always a production to leave the house when you have kids isn't it?

Holly's Mom said...

Yeah for a fun outing with dad!