Thursday, October 28, 2010

I hate insomnia

Wow, two posts in one night!  Well, the time is actually 12:02 am, so I guess it isn't technically the same night.  I read my book in bed for an hour before Eric came to bed.  I put my book down and tried to go to sleep.  He, of course fell asleep immediately and started snoring.  I kindly asked him to roll on his side so he'd stop.  He did.  Roll on his side, that is.  He didn't stop snoring.  Well, I guess what  he was doing wouldn't really be considered snoring.   I supposed you'd call it whirring, or something.  Anyway, it was no more conducive to my sleep than the actual snoring.

So, here I am.  I took a Melatonin and I am waiting for it to kick in.  And thinking about what tomorrow will bring.

Tomorrow is our last day of school for the week. Woo-hoo!  Tomorrow is also trick or treat night in the Fort.  Did I tell you about the boys picking out their costumes?  Well, Blake is going to be a doctor and Drew is going to be a pirate.  Neither chose the costume they originally intended to get, but when they got to the store, they both changed their minds.  Blake's costume is going to school with him tomorrow for the Halloween party.  Or costume parade, or whatever they do.  I just hope he doesn't rip the costume before trick or treat night.  This is not a top of the line costume we got him.  But he did insist. 

Anyway, I have been sitting here staring at the screen for five minutes without typing.  I think I zoned out.  The Melatonin must be starting to do the trick.  I guess I'll go back to bed and attempt to go to sleep.  Six o'clock comes pretty quick!


fragilemom said...

Yuck! I definitely feel your pain. I do ambien, but try not to every night. So in between, I do melatonin too. Hope your sleep cycle kicks in soon so you can not only sleep, but get GOOD sleep.