Thursday, October 28, 2010

That boy!

My sweet darling Blake locked me out of the house today.  You can bet I was thrilled.  It was a transition problem.  I was talking to Drew's aide, who dropped the boys off.  Blake knocked over both our pumpkins on the porch, ran into the house and slammed the door.  I went after him and discovered that the door was deadbolted.  I knocked on the door and rang the doorbell, but he wouldn't open the door.  I went to the garage and opened the door with the keyless entry.  It was halfway up and he apparently heard me coming in that way and hit the garage door button.  It started coming back down!  I dodged under the door and of course stormed into the house.  I put him in timeout and scolded him soundly.   It didn't really make any impact on him, I am sure.  After timeout was over, I said, "Are you allowed to lock Mommy out of the house?"  And he said, "yes." No big deal, right?  Don't all kids lock their parents out?  Just kidding, I know they don't  It's just my lovely boy.  I do admit it is a little humiliating to stand there knocking on your front door when your kid is looking at your through the window.  Thank the Lord for our keyless entry!


Courage said...

My youngest locked me out of the house.. so my husband had to bust down the side door.. fun.

Jessica said...

I glad that you got in ok.