Friday, October 15, 2010

Just like Daddy

Last night, I saw the door to the linen closet open.  Some of  Eric's disposable razors and a couple washcloths were on the floor.  I put them away and went to see what Blake was doing.  He was on the floor in his bedroom covering things up with a couple towels and washcloths he got out.  He likes to put his toys to bed and cover them up.  No biggie.  I left him and went in the kitchen.  A couple minutes later he came in and said, "It hurts."  His face and arms were smeared with blood!  I ran him to the bathroom to see what the real injury was and discovered he had cut his lip.  When I found the razors on the floor, apparently he had brought one in his room and covered it up with a towel.  I guess I should have checked that.  I asked him if he had been shaving, and he said, "Yes.  Like Daddy!"  Only, I've never seen Daddy cut himself that badly!  I told him he was NOT allowed to shave anymore that he was too little.  I mean, we had those razers on a shelf above his head.  Not just within easy reach.  I guess where there's a will, there's a way, as they say.  Anyway that cut bled for about 40 minutes! 


Jessica said...

I hope he is ok its so easy to do.