Monday, October 18, 2010

Parents' Night Out

Our county has a once a month respite program called Parents' Night Out.  We took the kids when they were much younger, but one or the other of them would cry the whole time we were gone.  Not so good for them, the volunteers or us.  We didn't get much enjoyment out of it when we were worried about the kids all night.  It's probably been four or five years since we did it.

The kids had such a great time this summer at camp that we decided to try it again.  It is mostly the same people operating PNO who ran the camp, so we knew the kids were familiar with them. 

So, Saturday evening, we dropped the kids off at Shelby Hills and off we went.  Eric and I went to Troy to the Caroline for dinner.  It was good!  And fun.  We did some shopping for the boys after we ate and got them some long sleeved shirts.  Not the most exciting, but it did make things easier, as they aren't the best shoppers.  We were finished shopping at 9:00 or so, and we had another hour to kill, so we stopped at Perkins and had some pie and coffee. 

The kids were playing when we got back, and Blake was not extremely thrilled to see us.  He was playing with a kitchen set.  He didn't have his shoes on, so we asked him where they were.  After a good guess, I found one in the play oven and one in the play cabinet. 

They had taken the kids to Fulton Farms where they cooked out hot dogs and had chips.  After that, they went on a hayride and picked pumpkins.  They each got a pumpkin to take home.  It was a fun evening for all of us. 

PNO has a Facebook page and posted pictures of the evening.  I nabbed them off of there to share with you:

Blake at dinner

My nephew Kyle with Brian

Drew on the hayride

My niece Danielle on the hayride


the other lion said...

I'm so glad it went well! Hooray! The Schmolland thing was so much funnier to me this time around. I was giggling. I think it's because Punkin is older and doing so many of those things (eating paper, licking walls).

Kristiem10 said...

lol, I know. Depends where you are in life. When things aren't going so well, it's not as funny. But really, I can relate to most of it.

Jessica said...

I'm glad they had fun.