Monday, October 11, 2010

School Pictures

So, we got the kids' pictures back.  Drew didn't cooperate and I told them just to forget it. They said they'd try going to his classroom later and taking a picture of him there.  This is what they came up with:

For their part, I think they did an awesome job!  They changed the background to make it look like a traditional school picture.  Of course, I don't love the picture.  Drew looks like he is mentally impaired.  Which he is, so that shouldn't bother me too much, but I don't like to think of him like that.  This is the kind of smiles I like to see:

But alas, such is life.  I get to enjoy him like this in reality, so I will put aside the disappointment of his inability to sit for a professional picture. 

Blake's turned out some better than Drew's:

His hair is a little messed up, but at least he's smiling. 

Ironically, the photography company the school used accidentally deleted a folder which contained pictures of a group of students before they were saved to a file for the yearbook.  Now Drew needs to get his picture taken again to be in the yearbook.  We'll see how that goes. 


Mark said...

just send the company a copy back of this picture to use in the yearbook. I think they did a great job with the background too. Picture Day sounds like it was a stressfull day for everyone. Don't sweat the small stuff. it's all small stuff.

fragilemom said...

Yeah, I find myself looking extra close at pictures for the "look". Stupid, huh. But like you said, such is life. They're mine, and they're adorable!

Jessica said...

nice pictures for the both of them.

Lisa said...

Nathan's did not turn out too well either. Why can't they take pictures like Mom's like to see them smile?