Monday, October 25, 2010

So you had a bad day....

Drew had a rough day today.  He was a little agitated before going to school.  When Mrs. H arrived, he said, "I'm not going to school!"  but ran out to the car.  He wouldn't put his seatbelt on at first, but eventually did it. 

I saw Drew at lunch going through the serving line and he just looked mad.  I said hi to him like I always do, and he went back out the door of the kitchen.  His aide said he had been pretty agitated all morning. 

When she dropped him off today, she said he had a hard time all day.  He didn't even make it into gym, which is his favorite class.  When they got home, he ran into the house and slammed the door. 

He's been grouchy ever since.  I feel bad for him because I don't know what his deal is.  At the moment he is irritated because he can't find his red notebook.  I found him two different red notebooks, but apparently neither of those are the right one. 

Hopefully, tomorrow will be better!


Jessica said...

I hope today is better.