Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trunk or Treat

My friend Jodie invited us to their church's Trunk or Treat.  They decorate their trunks and pass out candy to the kids.  We asked the boys if they wanted to go trick or treating again and they seemed pretty excited about it, so we went for it.  We didn't decorate our trunk, but we did buy a bowl of candy to share with the other kids.  We just passed it out from our friends' van. 

It was a little chaotic getting the boys dressed and ready to go.  Once we got settled in the van, all was well.  When we got to their church, Drew got out of the van and went right for the door.  Blake was reluctant. 

Drew ended up being the doorman, as is often the case.  He didn't want to leave the door to go trunk or treating, so my friend Jodie took his pumpkin around to all the cars and filled it with candy!

Blake was having a hard time and was misbehaving. He started throwing rocks and kicking and biting. He ended up not getting much candy. A friend from my bunko group was there and she gave him a handful of candy to get him started. But he never made it to any other trunks.


After the trunk or treating, the young women from the church put on a show for the kids.  Eric and Blake watched the show, but Drew wouldn't go into the gymnasium.  We walked back and forth in the halls while we waited for them. 

It was a beautiful day and I am glad we went.  Blake had fun with the show and Drew really liked being the doorman for all the kids in their costumes. 

We have so! much! candy! in the house, it's ridiculous.  Eric and I are eating as much as the kids.