Friday, October 29, 2010

Trick or Treat 2010

Well, we weren't sure if we'd make it at first.  Both boys were being uncooperative in the beginning of Trick or Treating.  They've always liked it in the past, but as we've come to learn, just because you like something once doesn't mean it will always be liked.  Drew didn't want to hold his pumpkin.  We've always used bags in the past, but thought the pumkin might be easier for them, since they have gotten the bag handles tangled up in previous years.  Well, it was different, and thus bad.

We went to the neighbors across the street, and neither boy would go up to say "trick or treat".  Blake stood with his arms crossed.  Drew stood in the yard, refusing to come further.  We got them to a couple houses.  After several minutes, we were down the street a bit and stopped at Drew's aide's house.  She had treats for both boys, but only Blake would come close enough to get it.  She went after Drew and gave him his treat.  She told him she liked his pirate costume, and he said, "Why, thank you!"  After that, he was good to go.  I guess he had a little anxiety about seeing her at her house.  He pretty willingly went to the next house. 

We kept going and as they went, they got better and better at it.  We walked over to Mrs. T. house.  She is Blake's aide.  I took a pic of Blake with her. 

While he was there, he we saw one of his classmates, Ryan.  He kept saying, "Ryan, you ok in there?" (he was wearing a mask) and "Ryan, come with me!"  It was kind of fun.  Blake and Ryan hit up a few houses together before Ryan and his dad went another direction. 

There they are!

We stopped at this house where this person was dressed as an old lady.  Both boys were a little nervous about it, so they held their pumpkins out as far as they could.  She assured them that she wouldn't hurt them.  They did pretty good!

By this time, we were getting close to my mom and dad's house, which is where we end every Trick or Treat night.  Drew was running at this point.

But like all transitions, this was difficult for Drew.  He had to stand on the porch for awhile before being able to go in.  Not so with Blake.  He ran right in.  He knows they take off their costumes after we get inside, so that's exactly what he did.  He got a little exuberant and got down to his skivvies.  I had to help him put some clothes back on.  lol.  And of course, then the feasting began.

My niece and nephew Kyle and Danielle showed up when they were done trick or treating in their town.  He "scared" his Grandma. 

And here's a picture I thought was cute of my mom and dad sitting together.

Aww, look at 'em holding hands int their purple shirts. 


Bonnie said...

So, I'm confused....isn't Halloween on Sunday? Did you take the boys out early? I'm thinking of doing a little trial run at a few pre-warned houses tomorow night, to prep the boys and hopefully get them to cooperate on Sunday.

Kristiem10 said...

Our town has a spcific "Trick or Treat" night. We don't do trick or treating on actual Halloween. Our town does it from 6:30 to 8:00pm the Thursday before Halloween every year.

Bonnie said...

That's interesting, I've never heard of any town that did that! Why did they decide to do that?

fragilemom said...

Sounds like all ended well. Cute pic of your mom and dad too!

Kristiem10 said...


I have no idea how or why it started. Today's weather would have been a lot nicer for it, though.