Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Blake doesn't like to go to bed

He and Eric had haircuts tonight and they stopped by Grandma M's house afterward.  When they got home Drew was already in bed.  I made Blake go to the bathroom and put him in bed.  I walked away and went into the kitchen to talk to Eric. 

I sat down at the computer, and who comes around the corner but a Blakey with his horse blanket draped over his head. "Rock you?"  he asked.  I said, "Blake, it's time for you to go to bed."  Eric leans over and says, "Maybe if you say..." (I can't really tell what he recommended Blake say, because Blake didn't stop. He just kept coming toward me and threw himself into my lap)  So, what's a mom to do?  Well, a good mom may enforce the bedtime.  Not this mom.  We rocked. 

And I put him to bed after a few minutes.  I reminded him to stay in bed, which he of course replied with, "Okay Mommy!" in the sweetest voice ever.   Liarpants was up thirty seconds later.  So, back to bed he went.

The phone rang and it was a friend of ours.  I talked to him for a few minutes.  While I was on the phone, Blake got up again.  Eric put him back to bed.  I gave Eric the phone.  Eric talked for awhile.  Blake got up again.  I said, "Welp, that's it,"  (yeah, I say welp sometimes)  "you're getting a Melatonin."  I like to give him a chance to fall asleep on his own before resorting to the Melatonin, but he gets it often.  He crunches up a tablet in his mouth.  Not the chewable kind.  Gross!  I have tried it myself just to see what it's like.  It is flavorless and exactly what I imagine chewing chalk to be like.  So, I felt bad for him, and thus caved (again) when he asked, "Punnin?"  Which means pudding.  He ate his punnin and had some Sunny D with it.  Doesn't seem to appealing to me, but he liked it. 

I put him back to bed, and voila!  He's asleep.  For now.


the other lion said...

I always give it to Punkin with a couple M&Ms. I, too, have no idea how he eats it. Blech! And I give it every night. 3mg. Doc said it's safe.