Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day, Part 1

We went to my mom and dad's house in the morning and we exchanged presents.  We always start out the day with a family picture.  This is how it went down.  lol.  Always a fiasco.

See that pink thing sticking out dfrom Drew's legs?  That is my hand!  Stuck.  I was trying to get him to sit on his butt and he clamped my hand in his legs.  I was pulling with all my strength and couldn't get it out.  We gave up. 

Uncle Tony tried to get a picture with Drew, but Drew wouldn't raise his head.  Uncle Tony said, "Ok, we'll just do it with our heads like this."  lol.

We moved onto the fun part.  Gifts!

Drew stayed on the couch where it was a little safer.  Except for when Grandpa gets him with.......
THE CLAW!!!! (which Drew actually loves and asks for)

     I think Danielle is looking so pretty and grown up in this picture!Grandma told her awhile back that she was going to give her a big box of smiles. Danielle is not very generous with her smiles, sometimes. So....

Grandma DID give her a big box of smiles.  There were hundreds in there. 

Danielle thought it was pretty funny. 

Kyle got a basketball from Mom and Dad.  Blake wanted one, too.  So, every gift he got after that, he'd say, "It's a ball?"  before opening it.  Mom told him that she had not gotten him a ball.  Guess what he got the next day?  Of course it was a basketball, and of course, he was thrilled.  After gifts, we ate lunch.  It was a really nice time.


Lisa said...

A box of smiles...I like that. Sounds like everyone had fun and I have to say that seeing your parents house again was a blast from the past.

Kristiem10 said...

I bet it was, Lisa. How long has it been, like, 17 years?! It is a bit fancier than when I lived there.