Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Day, Part 2

So, after lunch at my mom and dad's house, we headed to Eric's parents' house. 

Half that side of the family was in Texas because my niece recently had a baby and they were visiting them.  Eric's brother Chris lives in Las Vegas and they weren't there, either.  I can't remember the last time we saw them on Christmas, though.  Anyway, it was Eric's mom and dad, his brother Mark, niece Ashley and her husband Jeremy and us, of course.

We opened presents pretty soon after getting there. 

Blake had to wait a minute to open his present while everyone was getting organized.  He was pretty patient, amazingly!

Connect Four

Drew got a FAO Schwartz floor piano from the grandparents

Drew's Photography-Grandpa

Ashley and Jeremy opening their present

More of Drew's photography-Uncle Mark

Blake playing with Drew's rocket ship

And Drew sitting on Blake's new trampoline

We hung out there until evening.  It was very nice, and my mother in law Nancy made the best cheesecake I've ever eaten.  And I've had Cheesecake Facory.  Yum.  The sweetie sent a piece home with me, too.  :) 


fragilemom said...

Looks like fun. Time for me to start catching up on all the entries....and adding my own. We live in Texas. What city does your family live in? Would be neat to meet one day!

Lisa said...

I am impressed that Blake could wait pariently for his turn. That is extremely hard for kids; mine always "acciently" rip the paper so they can see what is inside while they are waiting.