Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tuesday Morning Randomness

I don't know why, but I feel full of stuff I want to get out this morning.

I just put the boys in the car with Mrs. Hoehne, their driver and Drew's aide.  Drew was not really excited about going to school today.  He wasn't too upset, though, so hopefully he has a good day.  

I can't say I am excited about going back to work today, either.  I do love my job though, so I can't really complain.  I have the perfect job for our family.  I am home when the kids are home, they leave for school before I do and I get home before they get home. 

Blake has been on a Fangface kick lately.  What is Fangface?  It's a cartoon from the seventies which is on Boomerang at five o'clock every day.  The nice thing about it is that he is transfixed and glued to the television when it is on.  And that is usually the time when I am fixing supper, so that's handy.  I looked into buying a Fangface DVD for him, but it is hard to find, and like thrity dollars for the thing.  Uh, not in my budget. 

We have been changing our diet around here to reduce Eric's cholesterol and triglycerides.  He is trying to get some regular exercise, too.  We have a lot more fresh produce in the house, less carbs and less fat than we were eating.  I want to keep him around for awhile yet, so we don't need him to have a heart attack.   I admit I did make some peanut butter fudge the other night, and I have been eating it mostly by myself.  I did share some with my nieces on Sunday, thankfully, or I'd eat the whole pan.

My bible study group is just finishing up our study on the book of Revelation.  It is so fascinating to me and has made me love God more than ever.  Even in His judgements on an unbelieving planet, He shows mercy and grace, wanting all to turn to Him in faith.

I can't believe that Christmas Eve is only ten days away!  I am not ready.  I still have gifts to buy, all of my wrapping to do, Christmas cards to mail out, and on it goes!  I did write out my cards last night.  I just need to get stamps.  And I placed my order with my mom for them today. 

My niece Jennifer is due to have her baby this week!  I am so excited for her.  Praying for an easy delivery.  Can't wait to meet the new addition! 

Well my lovely readers, I hope you have a wonderful day.


Lisa said...

At least Nathan is only obsessed with the Boomerang channel and not a specific cartoon. Can't say I have seen Fangface although it shounds very stimulating!