Saturday, January 29, 2011


If you know someone with Fragile X, you've probably heard them talking to themself.  Both my boys do this.  Sometimes it is a favorite conversation, like
Drew: Hi Grandma
Drew (in Grandma voice): Hi Drew, pew, pew pew, Drewy!
Drew: that is SO stinky!

(Is that how you spell pew?  Is is PU?  Anyway....)

Drew will stand in his room with a notebook and pen and take imaginary people's orders. (like in a restaurant)

Blake likes to re-enact movie scenes.  He especially likes to say things like, "Oh no!  Are you hurt?  It's ok, buddy."

Drew really prefers props when he self talks.  Sometimes he re-enacts certain things throughout his day, like practicing.  For instance, he has a little trouble going through the lunch line from time to time, where at the end he is supposed to enter his lunch number.  His aide generally helps him through this, but oftentimes he'll get out the old keyboard they use as a toy and pretend he's going through the lunchline.  He'll say, "4-4-7-ENTER"  then, "Thanks, buddy" which is what the cafeteria manager tells him when he gets it entered.  I guess it gives him more confidence to know what he's doing. 

I know it's not really typical behavior, but I get a kick out of hearing it.  My kids have so much trouble telling me what they are thinking that when they self-talk, I can get a glimpse at what's on their mind.


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

oh yes, the self-talk. It's nonstop around here. I keep trying to get a good, short video of it to put on my blog! As soon as they see the camera though, they clam up.

Anonymous said...

I didn't know he practiced like that. That is pretty interesting.
Grandma V