Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The grossness that is my life

**Warning-this post is not for the weak of stomach.**
Ok, so it was about three in the afternoon.  I decided to take a shower.  I know that's late, but hey! it's a snow day.  Anyway, Blake was occupied watching television and Drew was on the computer. 

I was in the shower when Blake came busting into the bathroom yelling, "I gotta go potty!"  All of a sudden, the room is filled with a terrible stench.  I asked, "Did you poop?  You need me to wipe you?"  I looked out the shower door and to my horror, it looked like a poop-bomb went off all over the bathroom floor.  lol.  Poor kid was looking at me a little bewildered.  I just said, "Come in here," and brought him in the shower with me and cleaned him up.  Ahh! The grossness.  That wasn't even the worst part.  Drew came in to see what was going on and he started screaming, "It's POOP!!!"  I assured him that it was ok, that I'd clean it up.  He went into the living room and cried about it.  After all, he knows poop does not belong on the bathroom floor and something obviously went very wrong.  I asked Drew to get us some clean towels because the ones I had put out for myself were in the path of destruction.  He refused to budge.  I tiptoed around the mess and went out and got us some towels.  I brought Blake into his room and dried him off.  I got myself dry and went in to do damage control.  Oh my gosh.  That was so gross.  I was gagging and everthing.  Puke might have been less disgusting.  I got the rugs, dirty underwear, towels and all and threw it in the washer.  I cleaned and disinfected the floors and toilet, but then I felt gross, so I took another shower.  All the while, Drew was saying, "Where's the carpet (rugs)?  You put it back?  It's better, now?"  I gave Drew a bath for good measure.  I hope you weren't eating while reading this post. My description doesn't even begin to convey the actual grossness of the situation!


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

oh wonderful, wonderful mom for dealing with that and seeing the humor in it. Bless your heart!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but just can't let this not be said. "SHIT HAPPENS!

Lisa said...

Ahha, the joys of motherhood! That situation stinks (pun intended).

fragilemom said...

Oh my! I don't even have the words!