Thursday, January 20, 2011

A very good gift

My boys got a Nordic Trac Mini trampoline for Christmas from Eric's sister and her husband.    We placed it strategically behind the love seat in the toyroom.  That way they have something to hold onto if they should decide they need it when they jump. 

We've had several therapy-type items in our house over the years.  They usually rise and fall in popularity.  I think this trampoline is going to go the distance.  Both boys have inserted it into their daily lives without any prompting from either me or Eric.  Several times throughout the day, one or the other will go over to it, jump for thirty seconds or so, and go on with whatever they were doing.  I find it interesting and wonderful, actually.  I think for us, having it in a prominent place (at the entry to the toyroom) and letting them decide what to do with it has made it such a hit. I have to admit to a strong temptation to jump onto the trampoline, vaulting over the love seat and sticking a perfect landing like an Olympian, though.  Don't tell my kids.   


Umma said...

I won't tell but wish you'd video it when you do it :-)

Kristiem10 said...

lol. But of course. :)

holly.lynn said...

Yea! I want to see you do it too :)
What a neat thing to use up the energy!

the other lion said...

Makes me wish I hadn't given ours away. It had a handle. Punkin didn't use it too much except to sit on. :)

Check the weight restrictions before you jump on it, friend. I took Punkin's to school and someone broke it because they were too heavy for it. It's only made for kids. :(