Thursday, January 20, 2011

What a week!

It's only Thursday and it sure has been a messed up week.  Monday was Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and we didn't have school.  Tuesday we went to school.  Yesterday, we were off because of ice.  Today we went to school, but it snowed all day.  They debated about early dismissal.  I shoveled the drive at two o'clock this afternoon and it's already covered. 

When Mrs. H dropped off the kids, Drew was crying.  Mrs H said something about speech therapy and he was upset about his coat.  Well, his coat wasn't zipped when he got home, I don't know if he was having trouble with it or what, but he was very upset.  Blake was hitting him because he hates when Drew cries.  Which makes Drew cry more. 

Drew was going to throw his glasses, but he gave them to me.  He got out of the car and took his coat off and whipped it down onto the sidewalk and ran into the house, crying the whole way.  Blake followed him in crying too, by this point. 

When we're in this big of meltdown mode, I usually don't even try to get to the bottom of the problem.  It's just damage-control time.  Blake was already heading for the computer, leaving a stream of clothes along the way.  Drew was doing one of those heaving  sobs where he was gasping for air.  I helped him out of his shoes.  He ran to the toyroom and turned off the television.  I grabbed the beanbag chairs and got him to lay down on one.  All the while, he cried, "No squeezin's!"  I squished him between two beanbag chairs and tried to talk calmly to him saying "It's ok," and whatnot.  Finally, he calmed enough to ask for Pinocchio.  Of course, I obliged and made some weird noises that he thought was funny.  Then he was fine.  No problemo. 

Blake calmed himself and turned on the computer and was watching Youtube videos before it was all over. 

I don't mind a snow day, but it really messes things up for the boys.  Hopefully we will go to school tomorrow. 


holly.lynn said...

Feeling your snow day pain... :)

Lisa said...

Poor boys...snow days should be fun and not throw them all off schedule.