Friday, March 25, 2011

I love Special Olympics

My nephew Kyle has wanted to be on the school basketball team for ages.  Kelly and Tony tried to explain to him that he probably wouldn't be able to be on the team, but maybe he could be a helper, i.e.,waterboy.  He didn't like this idea and reaffirmed that he wanted to be on the team. 

Someone told them that Special Olympics has a basketball team. He joined the team this year and absolutely loves it.  His coach is phenomenal.  All the people who help with the team are great.

He really had no idea about the rules of the game going into it, so he has learned a lot.  There have been plenty of times when he's attempted to make a basket for the wrong team. (like his aunt Kristie did in seventh grade basketball)  I think as soon as he got the ball in his hands, he went for the basket that was closest. 
I went to his game last night and guess what?  He made a basket!  For his own team!  He was really proud of himself.   I was proud of him too.  Kyle is well-known for his high fives and gives them out liberally.  However, he gives really hard fives.  It is funny, because when he started the team, he'd high five his teammates, they'd be like, "Ow Kyle!  You trying to break my arm off?!"    Now they are used to it. 

The cool thing about Special Olympics is how supportive everyone is.  The crowd cheers whenever someone scores, regardless of whose team made the basket.  Last night a player fell down.  It took him a minute to get back up, (I think he liked the attention, really)  and when he did get up, everyone cheered for him.  Kyle got off the bench and went over to him, saying, "Are you ok, buddy?"  When the guy said he was ok, Kyle gave him a hug and told him to take it easy.  It was too funny.

Here are some pics of last night's game. 

I hope that in a couple years, my boys will be able to participate in Special Olympics in some way. 


Anonymous said...

We have done basketball, bowling and track with special olympics -- always a grand time! I'm sure your boys will love it when they are old enough -- I think mine started in middle school...
Peggy E