Saturday, March 5, 2011

More flu? or something else?

Eric had his wisdom teeth removed yesterday.  He is recovering pretty well.  He hasn't eaten much, just some mashed potatoes and ice cream. 

After school yesterday, Drew was sneezing a lot and had a runny nose.  I gave him a benadryl.  He got sleepy from it, which is unusual, but he stayed covered up on the couch for a long time.  He was warm, so I took his temperature.  100.5.  Not that bad, but still fever.  After a couple hours on the couch, I put him to bed.  It was only like, six thirty, but he was sick.  He woke up at eleven and went to the bathroom.  I gave him more medicine and he went back to bed.  Some time during the night, he woke up crying in that sick, I'm-going-to-throw-up way.  I got him up and ran him to the bathroom.  He made it to the toilet for once.  That never happens.  He went back to bed and so did I. 

About 3:15am, our doorbell rang.  Really.  Eric got dressed and went to see who was there.  It was a sherriff, who said they got a 911 call from our number and there was no one on the line.  When they tried to call us back, they got a busy signal.  So they came out to make sure everything was okay.  This happened a few weeks ago, too.  Only then they were able to get ahold of us by phone.  Eric checked the phone last night, and sure enough, there was static on the line but no dialtone.  Not sure what was up, but he thanked the officer and went back to bed.  The phone rang about a half hour later and I answered it.  There was no one on the line, but there was a dialtone.  So, I don't know if the phone was making random 911 calls or what?  Weird.

This morning, Drew slept until 5:30, pretty good for sleeping so long.  He watched Pinocchio on DVD for awhile.  Around 6:45, he started whining and crying.  I took him to the bathroom and tried to get him calmed down.  He went back to the couch and covered up.  I was with him and suddenly, he started throwing up again!  I grabbed his blanket and tried to catch the puke with it.  I had tried to force him to go to the bathroom,  but he wouldn't budge.  Eric came out and picked Drew up and brought him in the bathroom, where he threw up some more.  After that was over, I had to clean up the love seat, while he sat on the couch crying and saying, "Did you get it?  Is it all clean now?" 

We've all been taking Tamiflu since Monday when I took Blake to the doctor.  So I am wondering if this is an altogether different bug.  When Blake had it, he didn't get sick to his stomach.  Then again, Drew is a little more of a puker than Blake.  I don't know, but I hope it is short-lived.  He is happy now and chattering away about his movie. 


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

Oh my, that is a LONG night! That's very weird about the phone. Can you check with the phone company and ask them to check your line? Hope both boys are feeling better soon. I've got a sick one too right now but it's the nonFX one. I give her a plastic tub to throw up in, and she usually can manage to do that. But getting to the bathroom is very hard....

Lisa said...

Random 911 calls? Kind of scary. A barfing kid? Gross, but a fact of mother hood. Why do kids object so much to throwing up in the toilet? Do they know (at least in a house of boys) that the toilet seats aren't always the cleanest?