Monday, February 28, 2011

Poor Blaker!

My baby is sick.  Yesterday at my mom and dad's house, he didn't seem to feel well.  We went home and he took a nap with me.  Later, I checked his temp and he cried pitifully the whole time.  It was only 99.9 under the arm, but you could tell he didn't feel good.

He didn't eat much of anything at all yesterday and went to bed a little early.  He woke up a lot during the night crying for me.  He was burning up during the night, though I didn't want to upset him by checking it with a thermometer.  So I gave him some more Advil and put him back to bed. 

He woke up several times during the night and got up for the day at about 9 this morning.  This is what the poor guy looked like:

I called the doctor's office and they couldn't get him in until 3:20.  He basically stayed wrapped up in a blanket on the couch most of the day. Unless he wanted to be held.  He drank gobs of water, though he ate absolutely nothing.  He cried when I got him ready to go to the dr. Drew got home from school and didn't want to go to the doctor's office, either.  He cheered up a little on the way. 

We got there ten minutes before our appointment time.  You can see how Blake felt.  
Drew stayed in the vestibule of the office and held the door for people as they came and went.  We were only in the waiting room ten minutes before they called us back to our room.  Blake got nervous right away, as he doesn't like to get checked out.  He weighs 51.5 lbs and is 50 inches tall.  He had a fever of  104.5!   As soon as the nurse left, Drew started pretending he was the nurse, getting all my vital info. 

He said, "What's your eyes?  Lemme see your ears.  Blake is sick?"
When I answered him, he would go, "Hmm, ok." and scratch on his paper.  lol.  Blake went and hid on the floor on the back side of the exam table.  
We waited for over an hour in the exam room.  Believe me, it got a little crazy in there.  Drew continued to pretend to be the doctor and wanted me to say, "Ahh" forty eleven times.  After awhile, Blake livened up and climbed on the exam table, a place he's never willingly gone before.  He's always screeched and clung to me, so over the years, all of the boys' exams have been done on my lap or on the floor. 

Drew entertained himself by spinning Dr. Blatchly's chair.  Then spun on it on his belly.

Of course, Drew tried to leave the room a million times saying, "I'm outta here." 

So, Dr. B. finally made it in and diagnosed Blake with influenza.  Blake fought him getting examined.  Dr. B was very quiet and calming and got him to cooperate for the stethescope part.  Not like the last time when Blake cried on his shoulder and put his arms around his neck, but he cooperated.  Dr. B prescribed Tamiflu for all of us.  Bless him!  The rest of us are still well, but Eric has to have his wisdom teeth removed on Friday and he can't really afford to get sick right now. 

So, the dr office emails the prescriptions in now, and they always tell us to give them a half hour to get it there.  It was twenty 'til five when we left the office, so we dilly-dallied around. We went to Wendy's for the supper.  I was pleased to see that Blake actually ate some of his chicken nuggets.  Then we got Eric a couple sandwiches at Arbys.  Thinking it had been over 30 minutes, the boys and I went to Kroger to get our meds.  Well, Drew didn't want to leave the doors, so that took me a good five minutes to convince him to follow along.  Finally, we made it to the pharmacy and they said, "We just got your order."  They said that two of the prescriptions had to be compounded and were liquid.  I had asked for pills for Drew as he absolutely HATES liquid medicine of any kind, but the pharmacist said it had to be liquid due to the dosage prescribed.  And she mentioned that the compounded meds might be more expensive.  We waited around a few minutes and the pharmacist's assistant told me it would be another half hour.  I wanted to cry.  I must have looked desperate when I smiled and said ok.  Because as I was walking away with the boys, she called after me that she'd page me just as soon as they were ready. 

We wandered around for about 20-25 minutes or so and they paged us.  Woohoo!  You can only look at notebooks for so long..  Anyway, my bill was $146 for everything!  Worth it if it makes Blake feel better and keeps the rest of us healthy. 

So, you think you got to the end of this post?  Ha!  We still had to give Drew his medicine.  What a debacle!  He screamed and cried and fought and refused to swallow his medicine, causing it to spill down the sides of his face.  I re-dosed him and literally sat on him to get it in.  It was awful.  I think I'll just put it in his juice tomorrow.  lol.  If he refuses that, it's going to be a long ten days.


Lisa said...

I think it is torture for the parents to have to sit in an exam room for a long time with kids who want to explore/look at everything. Especially all the fragile instruments. Hope Blake is doing better and no one else got sick!