Sunday, March 13, 2011

Not quite the celebration it should have been

Last night was Parents' Night Out.  The boys went bowling and had pizza.  Eric and I and Kelly and Tony went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner then went to Club 55 for drinks (or in my case, drink)  We got home around ten fifteen and put the boys to bed.  Blake went to sleep instantly, but Drew got up a couple times.  At eleven, Eric and I were ready for bed, I remembered that I hadn't given Drew his Claritin.  I went in his room to give it to him.  He usually doesn't even wake up when he gets it.  It's a fast melt.  Well, when I got in there, I started hearing sirens outside.  The girls' basketball team won their tournament game and were being escorted around town by the fire department.  They were driving like, fifteen miles an hour and there was a whole trail of cars honking and waving.  I normally go out and wave to the team to cheer them on.  It's kind of a fun thing the town does to support our kids.

Well, the sirens and lights woke Drew up and scared him something fierce.  He was screaming and crying.  I tried to calm him down by saying they were celebrating the Redskins winning, but he couldn't listen to me.  He begged to get up to watch television.  I wasn't going to let him, but decided that in the long run it might be better to let him get up for a few minutes than to try to convince him in the dark while sirens went off through every street in town that everything was okay.

So, he got up and I put an On Demand show on for him.  Maybe not the best choice, Fireman Sam.  At least the sirens on the show drowned out the real sirens.  After the show was over (ten minutes) I put him back to bed.  He started crying again.  Eventually he came in our room and asked to get in bed with us.  That never happens!  He fell asleep instantly and started snoring.  I went to transfer him back to his own bed and he woke up crying again.  I ended up giving him a Melatonin and staying with him until it kicked in.  Whew!  What an end to the night!


Jen said...

Oh, how frustrating!

Lisa said...

I am happy for the girls team, but I also was not happy that they choose to drive 10mph down the street with their sirens on and honking. Luckily my three boys slept thru it. Poor Drew.