Friday, March 18, 2011

Yay! It's Friday

Today is the first graders' Parent Lunch.  Since I am a lunch lady, I'd  have to take the day off work if I want to eat with Blake.  Crazy, huh?  Anyway, Eric is going to eat lunch with Blake today.  Drew heard Eric talking to Blake about it this morning and became a little concerned about whether Eric was eating with him as well.  He didn't really want him to.  He'll probably bug Mrs. Hoehne about it all morning.  "I not see Dad at lunch, right?" and "He not be there."  Not that he doesn't like his dad, it is just too much stress to have your dad show up where he doesn't belong.  We all have our designated spaces in Drew's life and that doesn't include Eric showing up at work.  Just like it doesn't include seeing teachers in Wal-Mart or whatever.  It's just not right.

Blake was pretty ok with having Daddy come to lunch with him.  They're having cheese pizza and breadsticks. 

It feels like spring outside!  Yeah!!!!  It is supposed to rain today, but the high temperature is supposed to be sixty five degrees.  Woohoo!  I love when it gets warm out. 

The lady Redskins won the State semi-final last night in basketball. They played in Columbus.  I imagine they got home late, and thankfully (for Drew) they didn't come through town with sirens blaring.  The State final game is on Saturday.  I am sure we'll have sirens then, whether they win or not. 

Have a great day!