Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Drew Update

I was in contact with Dr. Berry-Kravis several times yesterday about Drew.  She said ideally, we would do an ambulatory EEG where they hook him up to a portable EEG and push a button everytime we think he's having a seizure.  Of course, Drew would never tolerate it.  He'd either rip everything off or push the button like mad.  Or both. 

Anyway, since we never had a lot of success with seizure meds in the past, Dr. B-K suggested we up his prozac dose before attempting the seizures drugs again.  I did that this morning and he does seem less anxious. We'll see how the day goes. 

***Morning Update***
His teacher emailed me this morning and said that Drew cried for about an hour or so this morning, but was able to settle down and get some work done.

I saw him at lunch and he seemed ok.  His aide said it was much better than yesterday.

***After School Update***
I got this email from Drew's teacher this afternoon:
Hi there!
I wanted to give you the rest of the day update. After Drew realized that we were not going to give in to the TV or calling you, he worked great. It took him a little to adjust to the routine again, BUT this was BEST that I have seen him be in the afternoon since the beginning of the year. He was happy, asking to do work, and completed 2 task INDEPENDENTLY. This is something that he has never done. Great Job!