Saturday, April 9, 2011


I think we're back on the road to health.  I am still being cautious about what I eat, in case I get the stomach plague that Blake had.  Drew hasn't had anymore seizures since Tuesday night. 

We were supposed to be going to Parent's Night Out tonight, but Blake still had 102.1 fever last night, so I canceled our reservation.  I am bummed, because it is the last one of this school year.  No more until September or October.  But, I'd hate to chance getting someone else's child sick.  At least we hadn't mentioned it to the boys, so they aren't disappointed.

It seems that since I brought Drew home from school early on Monday he thinks I should pick him up early every day.  He's been crying for an hour to an hour and a half every morning, saying, "Call my mom to get me?"  I guess eventually he gives up and does his work. I am sure his teacher and aide love that.  Not to mention his other classmates. 

I've discovered a website called which has a great variety of kids shows on it.  Just a tip for those of you who have kids who like to watch videos on the computer. 


Bonnie@TheFragileXFiles said...

we had the stomach flu pass through our house too. Everyone had it except me and I thought I'd done a good job of avoiding it, but yesterday I got sick too. I hope you are more lucky!