Friday, June 10, 2011

An idea I got from Pinterest

I was perusing some of the pins on and came across a neat idea.  Making sidewalk chalk paint.  We have a lot of nubs of chalk leftover that are almost too short to write with.  Drew wasn't interested, but I roped Blake into the activity.

I started using my meat mallet to crush the chalk on my counter, but quickly discovered that was a bad idea.  We moved the project to the driveway for the rest of it.

Blake liked getting in on the pounding action

Improvised paintbrushes.  It started raining as soon as we had everything assembled.  So we put it in the garage and waited until later to use them.

And of course he put on a different outfit.  Like my big toe in the bottom of the picture?

When we were finished, we poured off the extra water and let the chalk bits dry.   Next time, we can just add some water to the bowls and do it again.


KimC said...

What a great idea! Who knew there was a use for all of those leftover bits??!! Will be bringing this idea to work! Thanks!