Saturday, July 9, 2011

Rambling for your Saturday afternoon.

Dear Blog,

My kids are driving me crazy!  I love them to pieces, but come on!  How many times and how many different ways can I answer, "Where I go?"  I am supposed to know the answer.  Drew will ask me that forty eleven times and I will say, "We're going to the park, to Ashley's baby shower."  and he says, "No, tomorrow!"  So I tell him we're going to church and he and Blake are going to Grandma's house.   And he replies that no, he's going in The Red Car.  Yes, that's supposed to be in caps.  That's it's name.  It used to belong to my mom and dad, and Drew used to love going in it for rides.  Only Grandma and Grandpa sold it to Drew's uncle, Tony.  After talking about The Red Car for a couple hours, I finally called Tony to verify that he's going to drive The Red Car to the boys' ball game and will Drew be able to ride home with him tomorrow?  Uncle Tony confirmed it for me and that settled that issue. 

Blake's been grouchy and saying, "I kick you!".  Of course, I remind him that we don't kick.  And he looks at me like, Whatever.  I  kick.  They keep coming up to me and wanting things and touching and grabbing at me.  I understand that they are just anxious to get ready to go to the picnic we're going to, but I am done!  On sensory overload.  I want to put my headphones on and crank up the music really loud.  Oh wait!  Eric's home.  Perfect timing.